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Why Should You Purchase a High-Quality Organic Cotton Sheet Set for Your Bedroom?

Organic cotton has come to be recognized as a responsible choice for your bedroom.

With an ever-increasing urge to embrace sustainability measures, organic cotton is fast replacing other fabric choices.

When it comes to purchasing a quality organic cotton sheet set for your bedroom, there are multiple reasons to take into consideration.

This post explores some of the top reasons to do so.

Read on to find out more.

BTW, what is organic cotton anyway?

Before we decode the multiple benefits of using organic cotton, it is worthwhile to define the same.

Simply put, organic cotton refers to a particular kind that is grown without the intervention of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides.


Now that you know what organic cotton is, let’s check out the reasons why you should purchase one for your bedroom.

To Keep Mama Earth Safe

You know how several endeavors are in place to bring down carbon footprint to a bare minimum.

That being said, one of the most fruitful ways to realize the objective is to invest in organic clothing and bedding items.

In other words, when you sleep or use an organic cotton sheet set, you are invariably contributing to save planet earth.

On the flip side, cotton that is grown conventionally is perhaps one of the most pesticide dependent crops that one can find. Thus, the usage of harsh chemicals is imminent, which in turn does no good to the soil, and also contaminates the nearby water supply.

A study report depicts how more than five pesticides used in the production of conventional cotton carry “carcinogens”, which are cancer-causing toxins that comprise trifluralin, dichloropropene, tribufos, pendimethalin, acephate, diuron, and fluometuron.

Besides, cotton is known to be the dirtiest crop cultivated in the world, which gives organic cotton an upper hand.

Furthermore, organic cotton also holds much longer fibers compared to conventional ones. As a result, it accounts for less number of joins across spinning yarns and promises great strength, smoothness, and flexibility in equal measure.

A Promise for A Better Sleep

Who doesn’t crave a sound sleep at the end of a tiring day?

Using an organic cotton sheet set renders comfort and a soft sleeping experience.

Organic cotton is known for its moisture repelling capability, which saves you from turning and tossing in your bed all night long. It is the great breathability of the fabric that translates into a good night’s sleep every single time.

A Skin-Soothing Effect

Organic cotton is known to be extremely skin-friendly.

Not only it has anti-irritant properties but also is free from dyes and chemicals, as compared to regular cotton-made products. Thus, it not only makes a good choice of material for adults with sensitive skin but probably the safest for newborn babies as well.

Organic cotton is an intelligent mix of luxury and softness. By all means, it is known to hold on to its natural properties in a more enhanced manner than conventional cotton.

For people suffering from lung-related disorders, like asthma, for instance, an organic cotton bed sheet set is a great option owing to its hypoallergenic features.

If you have a history of skin allergies or rashes, choosing organic cotton bed sheets is always a safe option.

Saves Water

This might not be a direct reason to choose an organic cotton bed sheet set.

Nevertheless, it fits the frame owing to the bigger cause it serves.

Typically, the production of organic cotton amounting to no less than one kg requires approximately 1850 gallons of water.

When you run the math for conventional cotton production of the same amount, the usage of water is generally on the higher side; 7700 gallons, precisely.

Not to forget, cotton that’s produced conventionally involves multiple strips of land, where the cultivation process brings damage to the local water resource. In time, this could be a contributing factor leading to a drought.

Plus, the processing involves toxic wastewater in huge quantities arising out of dyeing, cleaning, and final finish of the product. Reportedly, the wastewater can deplete oxygen levels threatening aquatic life.

For Better Farmer Health and Livelihood

A large number of farmers involved in conventional cotton production are readily exposed to serious health hazards.

More than 20 percent of insecticides used globally traces back to conventional cotton cultivation.

In comparison, organic cotton has farmers resorting to using cover-crops as well as compost manure as an effective substitute for synthetic fertilizers. Also, a handful of weeding initiatives are put in place to offset the use of herbicides.

Using trap crops and other beneficial insects to mitigate pets is also a common practice.

Such measures account for a better working condition, compared to conventional cotton production where farmers face serious illness threats every day at work.

With more than three hundred million people across eighty-plus countries comprising the global cotton industry, it is indeed a matter of prime concern.

As consumers, it is our buying habits that can help alter the fate of the workers at large.


So, you see, buying a high-quality organic cotton bed sheet set has a long way to go for the greater good.

Strictly from a consumer’s viewpoint, one’s purchase choice has a lot to do in terms of sustainability, comfort, better working conditions, and much more.

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