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How a Custom-Made RV Organic Latex Mattress Helped Me Travel In Comfort?

I, Mike am here to share my experiences regarding how an Organic Latex Mattress helped me travel comfortably. Once I was searching online for the best organic latex hybrid mattress. I informed the custom mattress creator that me and my family were planning a weekend getaway.

We were in need of their customized services. Due to the COVID – 19 crises, we bought an RV and looked forward to travelling the United States. I had created a space for myself in the RV to continue working while on the go.

I also wished to “road school” my daughter while travelling to the countryside. My service provider, as a team, were excited and happy to help.

Organic Latex Mattress – My experience

I was tired looking for the best organic latex hybrid mattress. Here are some interesting facts I came across after ordering my first mattress. The mattress fulfilled all my expectations and more.

  • So easy to use – I do not call my mattress the best organic latex hybrid mattress just like that. Mine comes with the special features. I had a lot of apprehensions about these custom-made mattresses.

Surprisingly, mine was made in a way that it fit into the small room available inside my RV. I measured my custom-made RV mattress with a regular one. I realized that regular mattresses are about 6 inches taller than my best organic latex hybrid mattress.

My Organic latex hybrid mattress is like a great travel buddy because it has super powers! I am an enthusiast so I figured out it can adjust into my comparatively limited RV bed. My Latex hybrid mattresses have an upper hand when compared to air mattresses. They do not become small due to air going out of them (like a balloon).

  • Pleasant feel – For me, a day filled with recreational activities is really fun. However, it can make me feel insanely tired. I would want to wake up and have a fresh start for my plans next day. Here’s where my best organic latex hybrid mattress comes in. Its thick layers provide the ultimate pleasant feel I need for my nice sleep.
  • No allergic reactions after use – My RV might get exposed to dust, bugs, mould and other debris that may have a significant impact on my health. Luckily, my best organic latex hybrid mattress does not cause any allergic reaction when I touch it or use it. It is resistant to mould and dust mites. It does not contaminate my sleeping quarters.

Advantages of a Custom-Made RV Organic Latex Mattress

  • Durability – Sure, my best organic latex hybrid mattress is designed to fit into compact spaces. However, I would not want that to compromise on its comfort and lifespan. I get the mattress for its entire lifespan. Its body contouring ability even determines its comfort level.
  • Convenience – My RV has a pull-out bed. I went for a foldable mattress. Guess what? I found an appropriate size that does not block the closing slide. I have drawers next to my bed. I thought a wide mattress would minimize my access to the drawers. My mattress cover is easy to remove and clean.
  • Bio-friendly – My best camper mattress is made from natural materials. These are soy, which does not cause allergies. Harmful chemicals such as artificial additives may cause rashes and emit a foul odour. The odour might give my RV a funky smell.

What organic sleep systems did for me?

As a team, my custom mattress provider offered me organic latex hybrid mattress with key features. They were –

Memory foam – Memory foam is very comfortable as a material. It was also thick enough for maximum support and comfort. Moreover, it was flexible enough to conform to the shape of my body. Mine was a mattress infused with gel. The gel kept me cool and fresh as I slept on a warm summer’s night.

My mattress provider informed they could customize any mattress for any specification. Not just RV but travel trailers and antique bed frames as well.


I became a fan of my organic latex hybrid mattress. The material offered me lots of support. My back pains became less.

Moreover, the material in my best organic latex hybrid mattress is completely out of nature’s resources. It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

My mattress provider took some details. They were the measurements, comfort levels and my budget. Then they set out to make the best mattress for me.

My mattress provider also asked me to measure my RV bed frame so they could create the best mattress. I was also asked if there were any height restrictions. My mattress had layers of cotton for breathability. The mattress artisans I contacted got me the best bed for my RV.



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