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Have you ever wondered how restful sleep you can have in an RV?

We were recently asked this very question by one of our clients that called us looking for the perfect organic mattress to suit their perfect RV. Michelle reached out to us to share that she and her family were going off the grid for a while and needed our help! She told us that due to COVID-19 and self quarantining guidelines, they had just purchased a luxury RV and had decided they would be traveling the United States, recreational vehicle style. Michelle’s husband had created himself a home office in the vehicle and they were going to “road school” her daughter while they traveled to the countryside. Needless to say, we were excited for the family and honored to help.

Michele shared that she was a longtime fan of latex mattresses. She shared how this material would offer the long-lasting support they needed and the fact that they were biodegradable and non-toxic helped. After we got all the details: some measurements, comfort levels, budget, and timeline, we were able to develop a strategy to make the best beds.

First, we asked Michelle to measure the platforms for each mattress, and if there were any height restrictions. We then custom cut several layers of organic latex pieces, then layered and secured them in place. Each layer is a different density to provide structure and support during the night. And finally, we created a custom size cover of organic wool and cotton knit blend material, quilted with layers of cotton for breathability. With Michelle’s help and patience, our mattress artisans were able to create the perfect beds for their new lives.

Organic Sleep Systems can customize any mattress for any specifications. Including RV’s, Airstreams, Travel Trailers, Antique Bed Frames, and much more. All American made, certified organic products and all-natural materials.

However, just like Michele, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before placing an order for a custom made mattress for your RV.

The first thing is the size. When we say custom made, it means the size varies from the standard mattress sizes in the industry. So, measure your bed frame and send us the specification. The second step is to determine the material. Here, Michele chose organic latex due to its eco-friendly and non-toxic properties. You can also choose the firmness of the mattress keeping in mind your comfort and sleeping positions. It is important to have comfortable beds in your RV to make the journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

We understand that one strategy cannot be applied in manufacturing all custom mattresses. So, our team takes time to understand the needs and expectations of each client to come up with a tailor-made strategy to suit that customer alone. We take into consideration your budget restraints, health concerns, as well as comfort expectation before manufacturing the organic custom mattress. We are maintaining all standard sanitation and health procedures required to keep the COVID-19 spread at bay. Our foremost priority is your comfort which is why all our products are made with utmost love and care.

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