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Advantages of Using Lyocell Mattress Pads Over Your Mattress

The lyocell material is processed with organic chemicals to make the fiber that is utilized to
make the lyocell mattress pad. The procedure used in the manufacturing of a lyocell
mattress pad is what makes it durable, organic, and eco-friendly. The chemicals used in
making this mattress form closed-loops, which means that these chemicals can be recycled
and then used over and over again.

Generally, the best type of lyocell mattress pads is certified for GOTS and Oeko-Tex
Standard 100. These certifications prove the organic nature of the product.
Let’s see some advantages of using a lyocell mattress pad for your bedding.

What is a Lyocell Mattress Pad?

The lyocell mattress fabric is an eco-friendly material, which helps us develop sustainable
products. It is a man-made fiber, which is produced with the help of wood pulp extracted
from sustainable tree farms. When a lyocell mattress pad is manufactured, it uses the
closed-loop methods, which allows each and every chemical used in the product to
decompose and recover fully.

Before the production of the lyocell mattress pad, the lyocell fabric is prepared. This fabric
is prepared in a spinning process, which is sustainable, revolutionary, and organic. This
spinning cycle fully utilizes the lyocell producing solvent and leaves out very little byproducts. Manufacturing units can utilize up to 99.5% solvent to make lyocell fabric.

Benefits of Using a Lyocell Mattress Pad:

Lyocell mattress pads have various advantages. We have discussed the important ones

1. Eco-Friendly

A lyocell mattress pad is prepared with the cellulose of the wood pulp. As a result, this fiber
is 100% sustainable. The entire process only uses sustainable resources, which makes it ecofriendly and biodegradable.

2. Absorbs Moisture

The lyocell fabric is naturally breathable. It is 50% more moisture absorbent than your
organic cotton mattress pads. This feature also makes your lyocell mattress pad antibacterial. You can stay away from allergies with this mattress pad.
Its moisture absorption ability and anti-bacterial qualities make lyocell pad suitable for
people who sweat a lot or who have allergic conditions, such as asthma.

3. Colour Rich

The lyocell fabric is highly absorbent, which brings out the best colors in these mattresses.
You can get a mattress pad with beautiful and attractive colors and patterns. With some
vendors, you can even get it customized in the desired color.

4. Sensitive Feel

Lyocell mattress pad is made with smooth fiber, so this bedding element is always smooth
and soft on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, which frequently faces allergies, the lyocell
mattress pad can help you.

This mattress pad is also perfect for your kid’s room. Don’t you want your kids to have the
softest, most comfortable mattress pad?

The lyocell material is also comfortable and lightweight. You can move and clean it easily.

5. Durable

Due to the manner in which this fabric is produced, it is resistant to beating when dry or
wet. This also makes the lyocell mattress pad extremely durable. It won’t sag under your
weight in a few years. You can truly rely on this mattress pad.

6. Versatile and Flexible

The lyocell fabric has fibrillation, which can be controlled. There’s very thin hair on the outer
fibers, which allows the manufacturers to manipulate the manufacture. You can get varying
types of softness with this mattress pad, such as silk-type or suede-type.

Take Care of Your Lyocell Mattress Pad

Here are some tips to keep your lyocell mattress pad useful for 10-15 years:

• Lyocell mattress pad is delicate and so you should wash it with cold water in a mild
detergent. Avoid using harsh products.

• This mattress pad might shrink up to 3% after you wash it for the first time. Some
manufacturers offer a mattress pad that has already gone through the process. You
can purchase it to correctly access the size.

• While lyocell fabric clothes can be machine washed and passed through the dryer,
you should not do that to your lyocell mattress pad. It is big and prepared
differently. In place of this, just sun-dry your mattress pad for disinfecting it.

• Avoid exposing your mattress pad to heat directly. Hence, if you sun-dry, then take
the mattress out 1-2 hours afternoon. You can also just leave the curtains open and
unmake the bed for this purpose.

• To keep the fluffiness of your mattress pad, consider flipping and rotating is once or
twice a month. This will allow your weight to spread across the mattress, which will
eliminate uneven bumps and lumps in the long-run.

• Always follow the wash and care instructions given in the manual or the mattress
pad tag. This will help you to properly maintain your lyocell mattress pad.


Lyocell mattress pads are organic, which doesn’t harm the environment and gives you
comfort. Due to the nature of the mattress pad, it doesn’t release chemical fumes, so your
family and kids are safe when they are sleeping on the mattress. However, before
purchasing a lyocell mattress pad, check the necessary certifications that we have
mentioned above. If the mattress pad is not certified, it is not worth buying.

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